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Mrs. Williams Wonderful First Grade Scholars

Curriculum Corner:
Math:  We are working on counting to 150, starting with any number.  We are also working on solving word problems within 20.
Science: We being soil detectives!  We are learning about the three types of soils and their properties.
Reading/Writing:  In reading, we are working on describing characters and find the key details in the text and underlining them.  We have learned the word annotate.  We have learned to circle and underline certain words and phrases that are important.
Spelling/Phonics: In Letterland, we are learning about the vowel men with open syllables.  For example:  
Then we weill be working on initial consonant blends:  st, sk, tr, dr, bl, gr, sw, etc.
Social Studies:  We are studying different cultures.
Helpful Sites:
Study Jams (science/math)
Khan Academy (You have to sign up, but great help for math concepts)
Starfall (Phonics and Reading Practice)
Math Playground (This should be the link to 1st grade games)