Dear Prospective STEM Families,

Welcome to Oakboro Choice STEM School.  Stanly County’s first STEM School in all aspects of learning.  I hope you will find our website user friendly and helpful in answering any questions you may have.  I understand how very important it is to choose the right educational experience for your student and ensure that the environment is one in which they will thrive and discover their strengths and talents.  Although we are a public school, we are a choice school, which enables students from all over the district to apply to attend for the following academic year in grades Kindergarten through 8th.  This is a unique opportunity to begin the STEM styled and problem based learning at the earliest of stages, when a child’s mind is still innately curious.  This preparation gives them a solid foundation as they enter into the competitive realm of high school and eventually college or the workforce.

It is my hope that you will take advantage of our visitation days, where your student can be paired with a STEM scholar for the day and experience all the school has to offer. We will also offer a parent to parent night to hear first hand from other parents to help you know if the STEM school is the right fit not just for your student, but for your whole family.  This holistic approach to education, is key to success as it is a team effort that will see your child achieve their very best.

At the heart of our school is its community support and involvement to create lifelong learners through inquiry based learning, real life application and above all fun and challenging exploration.  All aspects of education in our unique STEM experience will create leaders for a lifetime.  


Kelly Dombrowski

Principal of Oakboro Choice STEM