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March Mammal Madness 2021!!!!!

MMM LogoIt's THAT time of year!!!! The March Mammal Madness Bracket has dropped!!! 
We will have 4 divisions this year:
  • - K-2 Classes
  • - Students in grades 3-8
  • - Staff (paper version is in your box)
  • - Community (parents, spouses, friends, business partners....whoever!!!!)

All Brackets must be shared with Crawford (C2) by 12pm on Monday, March 8th. No exceptions.  (I will take online OR long as I can read it)

(Be sure you are sharing with  There is more than one of us!!!!)

Click here for Bracket FAQ's

Click here for Basic Information on each animal

Click here for the 2021 Online Bracket

  • English Paper Bracket
  • Spanish Paper bracket 
  • Please make sure your name is on the bracket!!!
  • You will be forced to make a copy of the bracket. You will ONLY be typing on the tab that says "Your Bracket"
  • Be sure to make a choice for EACH drop down box. (You will have to scroll to see them all)
  • Start on the outside (Round 2) and fill towards the middle. (If you have only ONE choice you missed something.)
    • You MUST complete the entire bracket before sharing.
    • No, you cannot change your choice(s) after sharing.
  • Good Luck!!!!!