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Mrs. Williams First Grade Super Scholars

Curriculum Corner:
Math:  We are working on measurement, money and time.  Students will have multiple opportunities to manipulate objects to measure correctly.  Students will be using and earning fake money to learn about coins.  Students will also be getting a personal Judy Clock to help them with our study of time.  We are so excited to teach your child about these useful life skills.
Science:  We just finished up our study of soils, but we are still observing our cucumber plants and our compost.  We will begin our animal homes project soon! Your child will get to do guided research and create their animal's habitat for our school zoo to be showcased on March 28th!
Reading/Writing:  In reading we are studying fairy tales and their elements.  We are also learning to retell with accuracy.  Students are learning the 5 Finger retell strategy to retell.  Please ask your child to retell their nightly story using this strategy.  Read Across America week is March 4th-8th.  We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss!  In writing, we are working on researching for our upcoming animal homes PBL.
Spelling/Phonics: In Letterland, we are learning about the vowel men who say their name....especially when magic e is around!  
Social Studies:  We are currently working on Where I Live and map skills.  Students will need to learn their address in this unit.  We will also be going on a treasure hunt!
Helpful Sites:
Study Jams (science/math)
Khan Academy (You have to sign up, but great help for math concepts)
Starfall (Phonics and Reading Practice)
Math Playground (This should be the link to 1st grade games)
Students' username and password are as follows:
Username:  FirstNameLastInitial18 
(Example:  ChelseaW18 would be my username--make sure to capitalize first letter of first name and last initial) 
Password:  1234